Learn from a Seasoned Pro with Voice Over Credits that Include Microsoft, Verizon, National Geographic, Warner Bros. and many more....

Attend My 2 Day Seminar and Discover How to Break into 6 Figures in Your Voice Over Biz - Even if You're Just Starting Out!

Discover how to capitalize on the biggest trend to hit the voice over market in ages: audiobooks!

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Your Seminar Leader

Bill DeWees

  • Has consistently made $100k+/year for the past 5 years in recording voice overs
  • Records on average, 8 voice over projects per day
  • Has coached hundred’s in a career behind the microphone
  • Voice over credits include:  Microsoft, Verizon, National Geographic, Warner Bros., Purina, Lowes, Sears, Thomas Nelson Publishers, Simon & Schuster, Zondervan, Dell, HP, Cisco, Accenture, Alamo Car Rental, Exxon Mobil, AstraZeneca, and Oracle.
  • Has narrated 36 audio books, and 155 business book summaries in the past 3 years
  • Has a global business with representation by 15 different agencies.
  • Records from the comfort of his home studio (in his bedroom closet)
  • Is an MBA with a training/education, media, and corporate background

Dear Voice Over Talent:

Are taking advantage of the fastest growth area in the voice over business?  If your recording schedule is not staying consistently booked (resulting in consistent and reliable income), then you need to attend my next Audiobook Success Seminar!

I just finished my 36th audiobook.  The work has actually been so easy to get that I’ve had to pace myself due to my already busy voice over recording schedule.

The good news is YOU can record audiobooks and generating a consistent voice over income.

At my upcoming AudioBook Success Weekend you’ll be getting very specific “how-to” training from someone who knows exactly what steps you need to take.


You SHOULD Attend This Event:


  • If you’re ready to start building (or reviving) your voice over business today . . .
  • If you’re tired of waiting for your agent to call you with work . . .
  • If you’re willing to work not just hard, BUT smart . . .
  • Then this seminar is for you!


You SHOULDN’T Attend:


  • If you’d rather think about an exciting voice over career, rather than having an exciting career . . .
  • If you still believe that your agent is going to rescue your career . . .
  • If you’d rather work a “real job” instead of building your own business . . .

Then please take a PASS and NOT attend!


What’s Different About This Event


You’ve probably heard the traditional formula for “voice over success” a hundred times. Record a demo, get an agent, and start auditioning.

So, how’s that working out for you?

Today’s voice over market isn’t the same as last decade’s voice over market. Or even last year’s voice over market. To thrive, let alone survive, you have to be aware of shifts and trends in the market and adjust your approach accordingly.

THIS event is all about a BRAND NEW element of this business!

Continue using the outdated voice over business model at your own peril!


A Major Key to Business Success is Understanding and Exploiting Market Trends.


This seminar will teach you how to capitalize on the biggest trend to hit the voice over market in a long time….audiobooks!

No, audiobooks are certainly not new. What IS new is the volume of work available to voice over talent….new talent as well as established talent.

Not sold on the idea of market trends?

Ever wish you had purchased Microsoft stock back in the day? . . .

Every once in a while a market opportunity comes along with a limited window of time. While that window is open, the possibilities are almost endless. Act and you profit. Hesitate and you read about the success of others who acted and profited before that window closed.

Every great investor knows that good timing is everything! One share of Microsoft purchased in 1986 at $21 would now be worth a whopping $7200!!

Again….timing is everything.

Again….the great window of opportunity in voice over, right now, is in audiobooks.


Why Audiobooks?


  • It’s not as difficult and competitive to get work!
  • No major investment required!
  • Even if you’re not a seasoned voice over veteran, there’s a place for you in recording audiobooks!
  • Major players (namely Amazon) are about to blow the lid off of this market and bring a flood of new work to folks like you and me!

If you’re looking to jump start a new voice over career (or revive a struggling one), I want to invite you to this very special event:


The Audiobook Success Weekend

Where:  Bill DeWees Media Studios (Bourbonnais, IL about an hour south of Chicago’s Loop as well as Midway and O’Hare airports)

When: October 12th & 13th (Saturday/Sunday) Beginning at 9am on 10/12, ending 5pm on 10/13

This 2 day event will: Equip and empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to execute a successful plan to build your own audiobook empire. You’ll learn:

  • Why now is the time to cash in on this exploding market
  • How to use your existing life experience to find your niche
  • The most important marketing tools you’ll need in your arsenal
  • The performance skills necessary to profit
  • Overcoming the voice actor’s greatest challenge (and it’s probably not what you think)
  • How to select equipment and create a studio to make you sound like a pro
  • How to find clients, who to contact, and what to say
  • A powerful marketing template to build a full time income (or substantially supplement your existing voice over work)


Check Out This Interview With One of My Recent Audiobook Success Students!

I can promise you that there is plenty of real work involved in building a voice over business, be it in commercials, narration, promos, or audiobooks.  But I also know that placing yourself in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills, tools, and knowledge will position you to prosper like never before in this exciting business (can you tell I LOVE to record voice overs).

Allow me the honor of being your coach on this exciting journey! . . .

Over the past 30 years, I’ve . . .

  • Recorded thousands of voice over projects
  • Coached and mentored hundreds of students and aspiring media personalities
  • Worked in media programming, performance, and management
  • Taught communication and marketing skills to MBA students as a professor
  • Worked for a Chicago based firm in consulting business owners on growing their businesses and becoming more profitable
  • Consulted with Fortune 500 firms in creating high performance learning environments for their employees

As you can see, my passion and experience is in media performance, building business profits, and education.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than empowering others to succeed!


“Bill DeWees is the real deal”

“Bill DeWees is the real deal. No one knows more about VO and no one gets ideas across as quickly and clearly as Bill. No fluff and no bull. I’ve spent thousands on lessons and classes and I’ve learned 10 times as much from Bill at 1/10th the cost!”

- Tom Hatting

“This is the stuff VO talent is rarely, if ever taught (but sorely needed)”

- Bruce Lorie

“Best investment I’ve made for my voice over career”

Even with having wonderful agents representing me, it is your materials that teach me how to be most empowered. I count it as the best investment I’ve made for my voice over career in years!

- Cassie Boyd


I understand what it feels like to build a business from the ground up.  6 years ago I was downsized from my corporate training job.  As a husband and father of 3 (and all that goes with that, i.e. mortgage, college costs, etc.) I had to figure out something fast.I had experience behind the microphone as a radio personality but very little experiencing recording voice overs.

I have an MBA but had not been called on to use it for my own survival. What I discovered was that by using the same business principles and marketing strategies I had taught in the classroom and used successfully in other businesses, I could quickly build a 6 figure voice over business.This is not “pie in the sky” stuff.  This is real and actionable.  After our weekend together you will have a gameplan that will allow you to hit the ground running upon your return home.

If you’re ready to move your voice over business forward, NOW….don’t miss my:


Audiobook Success Weekend

Saturday/Sunday, October 12th & 13th
Bill DeWees Media Studios
(Bourbonnais, IL about an hour south of Chicago’s Loop as well as Midway and O’Hare airports)


Register for this weekend workshop for only $1295

Dont’ forget that your registration INCLUDES your audiobook demo!

This will be a small classroom setting with attendance limited to 6 students.  This will allow for maximum interaction and personal attention.

I’m so confident that the techniques and strategies that I’ll be teaching you are effective, I’m offering a money back guarantee on the price of the seminar.  If you feel that the workshop does not provide you with the information you need to move your business forward, simply request a refund.  As simple as that.


This is your time, to make your move in the voice over business.  There may never be a better time to stake your claim and create the life you’ve wanted in the greatest business in the world!